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SMART proudly offers service to Nucla, Naturita, Redvale, Norwood, Placerville, Sawpit, Lawson Hill, and Telluride.

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Note: Road and weather conditions may cause delays.

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Monday - Friday Schedule
Nucla to Telluride (Eastbound)
Post Office
PlacervilleTwo RiversLawson Hill
Park & Ride
CourthouseTown Park
6:45 AM6:55 AM7:10 AM7:25 AM7:55 AMNo Service8:15 AM8:25 AM8:30 AM
No ServiceNo ServiceNo Service6:55 AM7:25 AMNo ServiceNo Service8:00 AM8:05 AM
No ServiceNo ServiceNo Service11:00 AM11:30 AM11:50 AM12:00 PM12:10 PM12:15 PM


Telluride to Nucla (Westbound)
Town ParkCourthouseLawson Hill
Park & Ride
Two RiversPlacervilleNorwood
Redvale Post OfficeNaturitaNucla
9:45 AM9:50 AM10:00 AM10:10 AM10:30 AM11:00 AMNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service
5:00 PM5:05 PM5:15 PMNo Service5:35 PM6:05 PM6:20 PM6:35 PM6:45 PM
5:15 PM5:20 PMNo ServiceNo Service5:50 PM6:20 PMNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service
11:30 PM11:35 PM11:45 PM11:55 PM12:15 AM12:45 AMNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service

Saturday/Sunday Schedule
Norwood to Telluride (Eastbound)
Depart NorwoodPlacervilleLawson HillCourthouseArrive Town Park
7:25 AM7:55 AM8:15 AM8:25 AM8:30 AM


Telluride to Norwood (Westbound)
Town Park
CourthouseLawson Hill
Park & Ride
PlacervilleArrive Norwood
5:00 PM5:05 PM5:15 PM5:35 PM6:05 PM


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