What is SMART?

SMART is the San Miguel Authority for Regional Transportation. SMART is classified as a Regional Transportation Authority under Colorado law, with broad authority to finance, build and operate a regional transportation system. The creation of SMART was approved by the voters of Telluride, Mountain Village and the R-1 School District of San Miguel County in November of 2016.

What is SMART’S mission?

The San Miguel Authority for Regional Transportation strives to deliver safe and reliable transit services and to consistently advocate and promote the use of multi-modal transit systems.

What services does SMART operate and/or fund?

  • Norwood bus service
  • Down Valley bus service
  • Off-season shuttles between Telluride & Mountain Village
  • Lawson Hill enhanced service
  • Rico shuttle
  • San Miguel County commuter shuttles
  • Mountain Village commuter shuttles
  • Trails for commuting
  • Lawson Hill Park & Ride*

*The Town of Mountain Village provided funding for fifty percent of the Lawson Hill Park & Ride solar panel installation.

What areas does SMART serve?

The boundaries of SMART include Telluride’s R-1 School District, approximately the eastern portion of San Miguel County and beyond. The initial SMART membership includes the current transit providers in Telluride, Mountain Village, and San Miguel County. The goal is to “start small” and work toward other member jurisdictions in the future. The Towns of Ophir and Sawpit chose not to be included in preliminary SMART inclusion but have the option of joining at a later date.

Why was SMART created?

Efficiency. Regional transit can better coordinate planning, service, and infrastructure to deliver coordinated transportation services.

Economy. Improved services will give businesses, employees, and guests more reliable transit options.

Reduced Traffic. A convenient, affordable transit system reduces traffic and parking impacts.

Green Choice. Fewer vehicles on the roads mean improved air quality.

Grants. Offers more leverage for our region to obtain expanded funding from grants.

Access. Increases mobility for everyone in our region.

What are SMART’S future plans?

SMART will be undertaking a planning process to develop a three- to five-year strategic operating plan. As part of that process, we will analyze the current transit route structure and services that SMART is offering, in an effort to identify where improvements can be made. Transit riders and the general public will have an opportunity to provide feedback during that process.

How can I become involved in the process?

You can attend meetings, provide feedback or participate as a part of the Community Advisory Committee. If you are interested in joining the Community Advisory Committee, please request and fill out an application.